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NAME (8 people, 4 obituaries listed) BORN DIED
NEELY, J.   July 23, 1836
NEILL, Harold Franklin Dec. 8, 1907 Feb. 17, 1908
NEILL, J.   July 25 ----
NEVES, Elwyn Gilreath May 17, 1911 Oct. 26, 1987
NEVES, Louise Thackston (Sept. 11, 1910) March 28, 2002
(NORBY, Daisy) (Aug. 23, 1888) (May 14, 1919)
NORTON, Alvin H(arold) March 25, 1921 Nov. 7, 2000
NORTON, Edna Mamie Spake April 3, 1923 Nov. 10, 2014




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