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Elliott Batson March 13 (Feb.), 1865 Confederate Cemetery, Camp Chase, Ohio
Pvt. James Freeman July 30, 1864 Jackson Grove UMC, Travelers Rest
Pvt. Robert Hester Aug. 21, 1864 Macon, Ga.
Pvt. William Elkanah Marchbanks Sept. 18, 1862 Shepherdstown, Md.


3 CPO J. Milton Dawson April 12, 1945 At sea, Pacific Ocean
MIlton Dawson was one of 73 men killed when the Mannert  L. Abele was sunk during the battle of Okinawa.
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Cpl. Fred Moody Norton

Jan. 25, 1945 U.S. Military Cemetery, Epinal, France


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