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3 Heather Smith Birthday
3 Eddie & Lillie Greenwood Wedding Anniversary (1968)
6 Maria Mohrmann Birthday
7 William Wilson Birthday
9 Arlene Ramos Enos Birthday
10 Steve Collins Birthday
10 Josh Lollis Birthday
10 Bill McAbee Birthday
11 Dillon Cooper Birthday
11 Sabrina Gordon Birthday
14 Rick Butts Birthday
14 Bob Long Birthday
16 Cody King Birthday
16 Chet Smith Birthday
17 Peggy Coleman Birthday
17 Sara Simkins Birthday
18 Glenn Burns Birthday
20 Howard "Howie" Launer Birthday
21 Cheney Meiere Birthday
22 Brenda Mason Birthday
22 Justin Mauldin Birthday
22 Linda Smith Birthday
22 Robin Hughey Vaughn Birthday
23 The Rev. David Simmons Birthday
24 Christy Hudson Cisson Birthday
24 Patricia Hunt-Fisher Birthday
26 Donnie Henry Birthday
27 Peggy Simmons Birthday
28 Wilbur Jean Freeman Birthday
28 Craig & Michelle Prince Wedding Anniversary

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