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1 Barry Coleman Birthday
1 Danny Ray Birthday
3 Lucille Russell Birthday
3 Betty Traynham Birthday
4 Kyle Gross Birthday
7 Jim Hawkins Birthday
8 Dreugh Batson Birthday
10 Charlie Garrett Birthday
10 Lynn Lowery Birthday
10 Andrew Smith Birthday
11 Jim Farr Birthday
11 Judy Hester Birthday
11 Margaret Patterson Birthday
12 Michelle Hamby Birthday
13 Doug Gordon Birthday
13 Shirley Greene Birthday
15 Shannon Epps Birthday
15 Mary Phillips Birthday
16 Shannon Gordon Birthday
16 Kade Hoffman Birthday
17 Frankie Dobson Birthday
17 Jeanne Hall Birthday
17 Leroy Reynolds Birthday
18 Diane Gordon Birthday
19 Imogene Hogan Birthday
21 Chad Ward Birthday
22 Dan Hester Birthday
22 Dawn Wilson Birthday


Lynn & Brenda Lowery Wedding Anniversary (1973)


Doris Coffin Birthday


Marvin and Charlene Weems Hooper Wedding Annniversary (2010)


Donna Horton Birthday
27 Layton Suttles Birthday
29 J.B. Burns Birthday
30 Ella Wilson Birthday
31 Butch Moody Birthday

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