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  Much of the information regarding our cemetery, particularly regarding veterans, is available because of research by the late Hazel P. Addis. Thanks to her husband, Howard Addis, and their family for sharing this with our church
      There are many veterans buried in our church cemetery, including several who fought in the Civil War. To see pictures of some of their markers, click Civil War veterans. A couple of brothers wrote a letter home during their Civil War service in Charleston. One later died in service.  Read the letter by clicking  Batson brothers letter. Here's a link to a letter by
J.D. Cooper. The late Steve Batson provided that information on his Web site.
      We have recorded the birth/death/name information listed on tombstones in our church cemetery.  There are more than 900 names confirmed or reasonably accurately identified by research or internet sources. Unfortunately, there are many graves marked only by plain stones or weatherworn stones that are unidentifiable. Including slave graves, there may be close to 1,000 people buried in the cemetery.
       Click on a letter on the left to go to a list of people whose last name starts with that letter.
       Click on names in blue to be taken to the obituary for that person as it appeared in The Greenville News, the Greenville Piedmont or other Upstate newspapers.
        The Greenville News
has an online archive of obituaries dating back to June 1, 1999, and we are tapping in to that to save storage space on our Web site. For dates in 2001 and after you will go directly to that person's obituary. For dates in the final seven months of 1999 and all of 2000, you will go to the correct date, then you must scroll down to the desired obituary. For dates prior to June 1, 1999, the obituary information we have compiled is stored on our Web site. Unfortunately, The Greenville News has begun charging for viewing its obituaries.
      We have added a list of 120 people listed in Reedy River Church minutes as having died between 1799 and 1912. They may or may not be buried in our cemetery. If you have any additional information on these people and whether they could be buried in our cemetery, please click on "Contact us" at the bottom left of the page send an e-mail. To see the list, click on the "folks possibly buried at RRBC" link to the left.
We want to list obituary information for as many of the people buried in our church cemetery as possible. There are currently 629 obituaries in the archives, although some links may have been changed by outside sources. For the most part, name spellings are left as they were in the obituaries. The names Green/Greene, Lipscomb/Lipscombe, and Marchbanks/Marshbanks, for instance, seemed to perplex those writing the obituaries. If you have a copy of an old obituary to share, please e-mail me by clicking on "Contact us" at the bottom left of this page.
     If you have a relative or friend buried in our cemetery and would like to contribute to the perpetual care trust fund or for the maintenance of the cemetery, you may send contributions to Perpetual Care Cemetery Trust Fund, Reedy River Baptist Church, 871 U.S. 25 North, Greenville, S.C.  29617. Be sure to designate on your check that the money is to go to the PERPETUAL CARE TRUST account or to the  MAINTENANCE account. Currently we have a bigger need for funds in the MAINTENANCE account.
Note: Information in parentheses was gathered off of various internet sites or other sources. There are a handful of people identified elsewhere as being buried at Reedy River, but with no identifiable marker. Those names are entirely in parentheses. Thanks to all who have provided information.    



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