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Based on research by Joyce Howard Ellis, the below were members of Reedy River at the time of their death. Whether they were actually buried in the cemetery, we do not know.  Names were abstracted from church minutes from 1799 through 1912. I  eliminated others on her list who we already had information on. Sharie Batson also provided information that showed at least four others on the list aren't buried at Reedy River. Edd Trammell helped eliminate another. A relative of Maggie Rollins Ford indicated her death certificate listed Reedy River as her place of burial. If you have any additional information on these or other people who may be buried in Reedy River Baptist Church Cemetery, please click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom left of this page
Last Name (115 people) First Name Date of death (if known)
BAILEY Elizabeth Land Dead in 1839
BARNETT Angess July, 1836
BATSON Harriet B. July 4, 1883
BATSON Lucy Feb. 1832
BATSON Synthia (Cynthia?) March 5, 1868
BATSON Tolbert March 6, 1905
BENSON Catherine Dead in 1833
BENSON Clary July 10, 1860
BENSON Frances Sept. 1858
BENSON Heneretta Nov. 1859
BOWLIN Emiley (wife of Benjamin) 1845
BRADLEY Catherine Aug. 1852
BRADLEY Polly June 8, 1849
BRADLEY Polly July 7, 1863
BRADLEY Sarah April 4, 1834
BRIDGES Benjamin Dec. 3, 1824
BRIDGES Elizabeth (wife of Thomas) 1849
BRIDGES Elizabeth Duncan March 31, 1850
BRIDGES Mary Jan. 21, 1905
BROCK David Aug. 28, 1841
BROOKS Sarah Oct. 2, 1833
BRUCE Orpha (Orpah?) June 1900
BURNS Clarinda Nov. 1859
BURNS David Sr. Dead in 1834
BURNS Jeremiah Nov. 1836
BURNS Olive 1829
BURNS Sarah 1870
COLEMAN Henerita Harrison 1868
COX Rachel Jan. 27, 1845
CUNNINGHAM Thomas B. Feb. 1905
DAVIDSON Ramond (Raymond) 1895
DAVIS Elizabeth Jan. 1847
DAVIS Rebecca Thurston 1834
DUNCAN Lucy Aug. 28, 1851
DUNCAN Thomas Sr. 1905
DUNCAN Warren 1904
FORD Maggie Rollins 1893-June 3, 1918
FRIDDLE Carrie May 7, 1907
GOODLETT James June 1844
GORMAN Rebecca Dead in 1823
GREEN Amelia ??
GREEN Annie Hall 1903
GREEN Leroy July 7, 1848
GREEN Sarah 1842
GREEN Z.F. June 12, 1910
GRISAM (GRISSOM) Catherine ??
HALL (HAWL) Judy June 12, 1875
HAMMET John Sept. 1905
HARRISON Elizabeth ??
HARRISON Mary (could be Lula) 1899
HARRISON Robert June 1854
HAWKINS Benjamin Sept. 1868
HAWKINS Caroline March 29, 1890
HAWKINS Miriam ??
HAWKINS Poley (Polly?) Ann ??
HAWKINS Sarah ??
HAWKINS Thomas ??
HOLCOMB Grimes 1903
HOLCOMB Martha J. 1909
HOOPER Janey (Jincey) Jan. 1825
JAMES Emily ??
JANSEN Nancy 1863
KELLY Daniel Dead in 1821
KENNEMORE Ella Oct. 1897
KENNEMORE Milisen (Millicent?) ??
LARK Mrs. Charles Dec. 1873
LARK Cyndiann 1870
LEAGUE Annie May 1892
LEAGUE L.M. Jan. 1902
LIGEN Elizabeth Bet. Sept. 10/Oct. 9 1842
LOVEL Mary ??
MARCHBANKS Carolie 1904
MARCHBANKS Leila (Lula?) Drummond 1892
MARCHBANKS Mamie Jan. 27, 1911
MARCHBANKS Robert 1902
MARSHALL Mrs. Weston May 1896
MCCORD Nancy Harrison 1892
NEELY Margaret April 21, 1826
PATAN Samuel (husband of Mary) June 8, 1875
POOL Caroline ??
POOL Robert Nov. 1863
POOL Sally Dead in 1839
POOL Sarah Dec. 6, 1852
POWELL Elizabeth Sept. 2, 1849
PURSLEY (BATSON) (Rosa) Malinda 1862
ROBERTS Isabel Sept. 1860
ROE (THURSTON?) Kezia 1843
SAMMONS Nancy Dead in 1839
SAMMONS (SALMON?) Elizabeth Oct. 1832
SHOCKLEY Caroline ??
SHOCKLEY Spartan June 1, 1883
SOWELL Mary E. Oct. 13, 1882
SPRINGFIELD Jane Aug. 13, 1856
SPRINGFIELD Lucindey (Lucinda Dill) June 12, 1875
STATEN Mary ??
STEED Phillip ??
TATE Elizabeth 1900
TATE Mary Capell May 9, 1878
TATE Mrs. W.P. Dec. 1905
TATE Ruth 1900
TATE Synthia (Cynthia?) July 26, 1857
THACKSTON William F. 1910
THURSTON Caroline Dead in 1839
TIMMONS Malinda Dead in 1839
TIMMONS Sarah Dead in 1839
WARD Elizabeth ??
WARD Simpson ??
WINN Minor 1846
YOUNG James W. Feb. 12, 1864
YOUNG Lender 1886
YOUNG Martha Nov. 1837
YOUNG Mary Aug. 1847



(There are no known burials with last names  beginning with I, O, Q, U, X, Y or Z)

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