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Member and non-members who served in the military, but did not die in action

Baylis Batson Frank Batson Howard Addis
Jordan A. Batson William C. Bolton L.C. Aiken
Lewis Hamilton Batson Oscar Floyd Cox Carlos Odell Batson
John Wesley Batson Herman C. Hawkins Ruthel Batson
William Dudley (Douglas) Batson James C. Hawkins Sr. Crawford W. Bowers
W(addy).S(mith). Batson Jerome Oswald Jamison Clyde Bridwell
O. Berry Harlen E. Jones Roy Bridwell
Leonard Lawrence Brown Twyman D. Jones T. Burden
Joseph Delan Cooper Edgar B. League Maxie Burns
John Richard Dearman George Andrew League Russell T. Burns
John C. Drummond Luther W. Massey Roy E. Campbell Sr.
Joseph Duncan James S. Middleton Guy Benson Childers
Andrew Jackson Green Robert M. Simkins Joe Childers
Eprhaim Hill Guy F. Wakefield Edmond D. Chiles Jr.
Thomas J. Harrison Lawrence Cox
Henry H. Hawkins Marvin Elmer Finley
James Barney Hawkins Sr. Paul Foster
Elijah W. Howard Jackson Greene
E.A. Hudson John E. Hamby
Thomas W. Hunt Alvin P. Hester
Samuel P. McCall SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR Eugene E. Hester
John Blackwell Marchbanks Leroy G. Marchbanks Fred Hester
Peter Caudle Marchbanks James Paul Hester
Samuel Stephen Marchbanks Milton Hester
William Perry Middleton Raymond D. Hester
Oliver P. Phillips KOREAN WAR Roy Hester
John Thomas Robertson Alfred Day William K. Hightower
R.T. Talley Brownie Deanovich Clifton Hudson
Alford M. Tate James Clyde Hester Jr. Glen Hughes
J.B. Thurston Norwood T. Hester Milton Hunt
James Tinsley Troy Elmore Reese Raymond Hunt
John James Watson Dillard Traynham Roger Truett Hunt
James Berry Wynn J.D Williamson Jerome Jamison
James W. Jones Sr.
Elwyn Gilreath Neves
VIETNAM WAR Alvin H. Norton
Randy Perry Hester ^Bill Plemmons
Steven Henry Hester Johnny Simkins
Herman Marshall Weems Herbert L. Stegall
Beattle Wade
David Childers E.J. Puckett Claude Wigington
*-Bill Coleman
Tony Martin Hester COAST GUARD
*-Sellis Gray Howard James Larry Barrow
Raymond E. Hudson
*-Warren Hunt *-listed as peacetime pending ^-also served in Korean
*-Raymond Moody confirmation of dates of service War
Steven J. Moore  
*-Johnny Simkins  



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Veterans Buried At RRBC
War Dead Buried at RRBC
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